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Odorless Spray Glue

environmental protection, odorless after dry(about five minutes after spraying), high glue content, strong adhesion, anti-aging.
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Low Smell

Adopt high purity environment friendly solvent (SINOPEC original material), adopt advanced formula, remove the stinky odor of traditional product, solve the smell problem, make factories and workers work more healthy.


Environment Friendly

Adopt environment friendly solvent (soybean extraction oil solvent), never add the highly toxic and cancer causing solvent like benzene, ethylene dichloride, etc.

Environment friendly index superior to the mandatory national standard GB 18583-2008;

All exported products pass the text of China Import & Export Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.


Glue Saving

Because solid content and rubber content are higher, when spray a thin layer, the layer could be seen very clearly, with even spraying, the adhesion could fulfill the requirement. One kilogram of glue could be used for 15, save 10-30% comparing with the same level of product in market, save much cost. (one kilogram of same glue in market can spray 10-12


High Temperature Resistant

Production, delivery and application under high temperature could be stable in performance; ordinary glues thermal stability around 60, and top grade glues is up to 90.


Strong Adhesion

High solid content, average solid content is above 36%; glue content is higher than similar adhesives; bonding strength is more firm and fixed, there is no phenomenon of glue failure or degumming with normal operation.



Due to high solid content and rubber content, the aging resistant performance of the product is excellent; it is outstanding under various environment such as, extreme high or low temperature, big temperature difference, erosive environment etc; the effectiveness of adhesion for most products could last more than five years.