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Spray Glue High Tack Gross Weight 13kg

Environmental protection spray glue
Used in bonding of sponge, leather, wood board, fabric, plastic in high requiement in high requirement industry, like sofa, mattress rotary chair, windscreen, suitcase, car carriage, helmet, car decoration, toys, etc.
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Notes Operation



Keep a proper angle and distance


Keep ventilation on site;

Check no accumulated water in gun pipeline;

Check spray gun function is well aligned;

Check material matches glue;

No water, oil or dirt on the material surface;

Remove tinder, ignition source, heat source etc...


Spraying Essentials

Uniform spraying, foggy or particulate appearance is better


Keep 45 spray nozzle to material surface;

Keep around 0.5m between spraying gun and material surface;

Air pressure of spraying gun tunes to 6-8 kilogram as normal requirement;

According to actual demand, spray in linear particulate or sector foggy;

Uniform spraying, glue layer should be not too much thick or thin.


Reasonable Pre-drying Time

Proper pre-drying time is a guarantee for sound adhesive performance


After uniform spraying, according to different product formula and process, waiting time is slight different. Customers should not totally follow the former version for operation. Otherwise the bonding is insecure. Pre-drying should be longer under low temperature, high humidity weather.

Pre-drying time:

Generally,under low temperature and high humidity situation, the glue solvent slowly volatilizes, might absorb the water in the air, and form white moisture on glue surface, which influence adhesion seriously and even glue failure. Therefore, pre-drying should be longer under low temperature and high humidity, pre-drying time should not be too much longer, or could cause glue failure.


Proper Pressing for Better Effect

Proper pressing makes best bonding


Pressing is an important factor influences the bonding effect, the best quality glue without proper pressing, its bonding effect could not be best. Generally, press the harder the better, all pressing action should be done within the curing time of the adhesion.