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Liquid Nail Glue Construction Adhesive

Product Models: A

Base: Synthetic rubber and resin 

Type: Solvent elastomeric adhesive 

Available Color: Beige or Porcelain 

Appearance: Smooth paste

Application Temperature: 20° to 100° F(-7° to 38° C)

Temperature resistance: -20° to 100°C

 Recommended Storage Temperature: 40° to 100° F (4° to 38° C)

Adhesion: Excellent to all common building materials

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No more nails is a heavy-duty glue adhesive for construction mounting and bonding, without needs of nails, screws or hassle. It suitable for most most building materials, e.t. wood, ceramic, metal, concrete, brick, stone, plaster and most plastics.



Strong Bond, High-Strength Adhesion;

UV and Water Resistance;

Low Odor, Low VOC, Pollution-free;

Bonds a wide range of construction materials;

Paintable when dry;

Strong, Durable and Flexible;

Holding up to 40KG/


Heavy duty adhesive for DIY/repair jobs;

Install Panelling and Tile Boards to Wood or Metal Frames;

Bonding PVC to Wood;

Binding to nearly any surface;