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No More Nails

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No More Nails is a tough, versatile, all-weather adhesive. It’s 100% adhesive formula provides a long-lasting, heavy duty bond. We call it All Surface, All Purpose. The durable, 100% waterproof formula holds up indoors and out and bonds virtually anything including subfloor, mirrors, trim, drywall, landscaping, bath surrounds, foamboard, marble and more!

This product is exhibiting the following feature:
1. Easy to apply;
2. Flexible;
3. Low odor;
4. No pollution, and corrosion to base materials and environment;
5. Can be cure in moisture environment;
6. Excellent boning performance, water-proof, and aging resistance.
Test under: GB18583-2008 national standard

Basic Uses:
Bonding between Metal, Timber, Polystyrene, ceramic, Porcelain, Stone, Gypsum plaster board, MDF board, Galvanized Iron, Particle
broad, Aluminum, Steel, Concrete, Cement sheet, Glass or other rigid surfaces.
Bonding Edge banding, Trim strip, Trimmings, Rubber & Glass skirting, Interior & Exterior wooden panels, Polystyrene foam, Handle
to the furniture, Wooden flooring and paneling, Structural Flooring Panels, Masonry decking application.