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All Purpose Acrylic Caulk Silicone

Acrylic Sealant is single-component, water-based acrylic resins sealing material. It is excellent weather-poof, non-toxic, pollution-free, environmentally friendly and suitable for interior and exterior decoration and perfect for painting projects. (Suitable for various substrates, such as metal, PVC, wood, concrete, gypsum boards, marble, reinforced cement board, etc.)
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  • GA, G1, G2,G3,G5


Product Application

Main Usages:
1. Weatherproof sealing for wooden doors and windows, stone, ceramic tile, concrete expansion.
2. Bonding and installation of plastic-steel frame, ACP paintable, sanitary etc.
3. Many other industrial applications.

Operating Instruction:

1. Cut the tip into hoof shape according to the seal width.
2. The bonding surface should be dry and clean, and the soft foreign matter should be removed.

3. Gap width is not less than 10 mm, if the gap is too wide, it must be applied again to reach the final sealing effect.

Important notes:
1. Can't be used for structural bonding assembly.
2. Can't be long-term immersion in water construction.
3.Eye contact: wash eyes with flowing water or normal saline. If still feel uncomfortable, get medical attention.
A variety of colors to choose, and support customization:

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Packing & Delivery
Common packaging methods: 24 pieces/carton, 1800 carton/24ft container
Our Certification
Certificates: REACH, ROHS, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, CEC, CQI